Our cartons include 12 individual bottles of kombucha. Please fill out the text boxes with which flavours you would like. We will be in contact on the rare occasion your choice is out of stock.


Flavours available are:

-Ginger & Lime

-Ginger & Turmeric


-Peach & Apricot

-Watermelon Mint


-Lemon Myrtle


For further details, specifications & nutritional info please see our FAQ page.

Mixed Kombucha Carton

  • Kombucha is best kept refrigerated. We aim to bottle each batch to capture best level of fermentation to taste, so refrigerating it when you receive it will preserve this. Being naturally carbonated due to fermentation, if you leave it out of the fridge and depending how warm the ambient temperature is, you should expect it will become more effervescent and vinegary/sour to taste.

  • Kombucha fermentation is lactic acid fermentation not an alcoholic fermentation. The sole objective of kombucha ferment is to produce lactic acid and probiotics not ethanol - unlike beer, wine, or cider.

    The only input that can vary ethanol is the initial sugar levels, and or the combination with other alcohol producing yeasts. Alcohol will not increase if left out of the fridge.