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This formula increases the range and power of circulation, especially to deficient areas of the body, the capillaries and extremities. The equalisation restores normal blood pressure, whether high or low. This tea also restores adequate blood flow to the brain, relieving tiredness, poor memory, senility and negative mental states.


Ingredients: St John’s Wort, Sage, Rue, Bayberry, Gingko, Ginger, Hawthorn Berry, Golden Seal Root.


Weight: 80g

Circulation Tea

  • Our teas come in 80g brown craft paper bags. Please contact us for further details or for advice on how the teas may be of benefit to you.

  • As a producer/seller we're unaware of each customers health conditions, or if prescription medication is part of a daily regiment. Furthermore we advice that each customer please research to ensure that they can safely consume these herbs based on their health conditions.

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