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Digest herbal tea eases an overly taxed, overly acidic digestive environment. It will promote acid/alkaline balance for the stomach and digestive tract, enable the digestive system to burn off excess fat and reduce digestive ailments like indigestion, reflux, internal ulcers and heart burn.


Ingredients: Meadowsweet, Wood Betony, Peppermint, Hibiscus Flower, Lemongrass, Rose Hips, Fennel Seed.


Weight: 80g

Digest Tea

  • Our teas come in 80g brown craft paper bags. Please contact us for further details or for advice on how the teas may be of benefit to you.

  • As a producer/seller we're unaware of each customers health conditions, or if prescription medication is part of a daily regiment. Furthermore we advice that each customer please research to ensure that they can safely consume these herbs based on their health conditions.

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